Off I go, I am so excited! Flying out the door, my feet barely have time to catch up with me. I love to play games, especially board games, but no one in my family will play Risk with me. They all think I cheat, just because always win. Every weekend I beg and plead my Mom to play with me. Always to no avail, Mom has the attention span of a gnat. I guess Risk requires too much thinking for her.
Next, I will try to get my little brother to play with me. Unfortunately, Johny does not do anything unless it has it has something to do with high seas adventure. He has this bed I think it was supposed to be a playhouse. The mattress is on top and underneath there are windows and a door. Mom fixed it up to look like a galleon. He loves to run underneath the bed and yell, “Batten down the hatches lads, storms a coming.” I have to say the kid has a colorful imagination.
If I ask Johny to play the game with me, he runs and hides under his bed. This leaves me with my arms up in the air letting out a sigh of exasperation.
Heading up the block, I go toward my friend Crystals. Our friend Angie is going to pick us up and take us to her church. They are having a board game competition and they have Risk. Our friends David and Chris are meeting us there. David is convinced that no one is better at world domination than he is. I intend to wipe the board with him.
I arrive at Crystal’s and we sit outside on the stairs in front of her apartment and wait for Angie. After fifteen minutes, I am getting a little annoyed. She is never on time! She thinks her organization skills rock, just because she always has a list of everything she needs to do for the day. This is beyond annoying; I have told her repeatedly, you should only have six things on your list. She never listens, she insists on putting twenty to thirty things on her daily list. She then proceeds to try to get them all done. This means she is always running behind, because she runs out of gas! She will say, oh that was on my list for tomorrow, or I could not find my shoe. Barclay, her Maltese, will take off with her shoe thinking it is a chew toy.
After twenty minutes of sitting and waiting, she shows up, coming to a screeching stop. We hop in the car while Angie says, “Sorry guys Barclay took off with my shoe, I meant to get him a chew toy today, see that was number 26 on my list.” She shakes the list for emphasis as she shoves the car into gear and puts the petal to the metal. I hang onto Crystal, as we fly out of the apartment parking lot. “I think he will stop chewing up my stuff if I get him a chew toy.” I roll my eyes at Crystal and say under my breath, “OMG ya think!” Angie glances down at her gas gage, “OH no we are running on fumes,” looking down the street she continues, “I hope we make it to the gas station.” I swear I can feel my blood begin to boil. We get gas and finally we arrive at the church. Chris and David are waiting outside for us. They probably think if they go inside without us they might catch something.
David has a great big grin on his face, “Maria prepare to be conquered,” he yells as we walk through the parking lot. There is NO WAY!! I am the only one who will conquer tonight. “World domination is my game,” I say with a smile.


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I am a mom, a wife, a sister and a daughter. All things I am quite proud of. I love to travel, eat and drink. I also love to write and hope to share my ideas and my life experiences through this blog. I hope you like what you read and feel free to share and give me feedback. Some of what I write on here will be short fiction stories and some will be experiences from my life. I look forward to sharing my life with you.

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    This is a fictional story I wrote with my daughter as one of the characters. I hope you enjoy it!

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